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Ken Zier, a Modern Maritime Artist
The Danish artist Ken Zier has over a period of time established himself as a major international maritime artist who is permanently attached galleries in many countries.

His paintings are mostly large simple evocative images of the weather's effect on the sea and sky. Beach scenes and quieter pictures of the coast, motifs painted against the low suns play in the sea or the very popular evening and night scenes.

Ken Zier was born in 1968. His artistic abilities are largely self-taught and he has been working as a professional artist since 1995. He has from childhood been closely linked to maritime life through the family who are keen sailors. He is the grandson of the painter Wolmer Zier who also had love for the sea in its motifs.

Ken Zier has in recent years been deeply involved in commissions including commissions for Hempel for whom he has been the artist behind the traditional Hempel Marine Calendar for the last 3 years. Furthermore, his works has been showcased on the highly acclaimed annual exhibition of maritime art in the Royal Society of Marine Artist in London. This year his works can be seen on the "33rd. International Maritime Exhibition" which is held at the museum Mystic Seaport Gallery.

For the next year Ken Zier will focus his attention on the project One Man One Beach which is, despite the English title, as locally based as anything can be.
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